“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars.” -Les Brown

JD read the quote continually.

“Hmph. What a load of crap.”

He was stranded in deep space for 2 months and lost communication with everyone else in the Universe. The radio and almost all electronics on board had stopped working. Reading the few books, he had brought again and again along with the voice of Serena (the ship's AI) was the only thing keeping him sane.

The light was flickering, and his oxygen supply was running low. He had almost run out of food…

A Poem


Everyone’s mind is different,
Some are strong; some are weak,
Some are warm; some are bleak,
Some can do everything
Some can’t do anything,
No matter how bad you want something,

You can’t… have it
I can’t… have it
No matter how hard I try, the words never come out…
No matter how bad I want to, I can’t,
Because that’s how my mind works,

These vivid thoughts come and go…
I always want to,
But want and will are two very different words,
World apart…

Because will takes willpower, Something I don’t have, Even though I dream… Even though…

A Poem


When the moonlight bleeds through the night…
And soaks my room in silver light…
That’s when I dream to watch you dance…
As I feel your presence the most…

I pour a glass of fabled green…
As a nightcap to prolong my dreams….
As I sip the potent potion,
I pray to meet the fabled ghost…

With the green seeping through my veins,
The warmth of pleasure soothes my pain…
As I slip slowly away…
You’ll fly to me,
And I’ll submerge into a sea of bliss…

Please haunt me with your fabled physique… Charm me with pure mystique… Lean…

A Poem


Yesterday, the way I saw you was different,
Today you hold a place in my heart which you will never leave,
I can travel miles with you,
I travel with you every day in my heart,
But not a second away from you,
Let the air that passes…
Through me reminiscence you,

If my heart had hands,
It would be outstretched waiting for you,
What is the meaning of all this?
I must ask you.
If the time comes and we are together.

I gasp to catch every breath…
When you continue to talk…
Your voice heals my wounds.


A Poem

Photo by Gabrielle Henderson on Unsplash

They say you’re somebody or nobody.
One or the other, no in-between
But what if I’m like anybody.
What if I’m not held by the bounds of two?

What if I’m anybody?
Or even all three at once,
Everybody not limited to two.

They say you’re either black or white.
But I’m grey…
I’m all the colors on the spectrum,

I’m between or the combination
I don’t fit in the mold.
A rainbow not limited to two

They say take sides
Be a king or queen
Black or White
Love or Hate
Strong or Weak

But I say that it’s…

A Poem


The Lies we tell to,
The ones we love,
Are not so fun.
We call them up
And tell them
We are feeling well.

It feels like hell
Because the lies we have to tell
Make us look alive
When we struggle to survive.

The Lies to our friends
For when we feel dead
We dread those the most
Because they see a ghost.

We are simply just a mess
Not a damsel in distress
There is a need to worry as
We should plan to progress.

Just let us live our life Without all the strife I’m sorry that…

A Sci-fi Story


The last human surviving at the end of an infinitely ancient civilization that had finally understood everything … that had led to the extinction of all living creatures.

The decay of this civilization had begun with a simple command:
“Computer, make me disappear…” The citizens of that all-embracing civilization had used it with all possible endings.

The last human knew why it was alone. There were no memories of any being because they were part of those who disappeared.

The last human had another command in mind. Eons had passed and the last human was now sure what to tell…

A Sci-Fi Story


My brother Liam died a few weeks ago but nobody would tell me how he died, only that he had his computer on him when he did. Knowing Liam I’m hoping he kept a log or diary of some sort on the computer. So yesterday I went digging through the school archives. In the archives, they keep printed copies of every computer log, including Liams. This is what he said…

Hi, my name is Liam. I’m a sophomore in high school. This year they have decided instead of killing us with textbooks and notebooks they are giving us a single…

A Poem


Intense blue morning
promising early heat
and later in the afternoon,
heavy rain.

The bright chips
fly from the sharp axe
for some distance through the air,
and eternities later,
settle down in showers
on the dewy grass.

It is a big log:
but when you are fourteen
big logs
are what you want.

The wood gives off
a sweet nose-cleansing odor
which (unlike sawdust)
doesn’t make one sneeze.

It sends up a thin spiral
of smoke which later straightens
and flutes out
to the distant sky: a signal
of some sort,
or a sacrificial prayer.

The wood hisses…

Harold Finch

Geek, Nerd, Tech enthusiast

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