“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars.” -Les Brown

JD read the quote continually.

“Hmph. What a load of crap.”

He was stranded in deep space for 2 months and lost communication with everyone else in the Universe. The radio and almost all electronics on board had stopped working. Reading the few books, he had brought again and again along with the voice of Serena (the ship's AI) was the only thing keeping him sane.

The light was flickering, and his oxygen supply was running low. He had almost run out of food…

A Poem

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I keep checking call records, again and again.
I say I like checking my phone,
Because I’m scared of forgetting how my phone looks,

I haven't had a call or text in a while.
I fear ill forget the sounds…
The joy I feel when I smile at your notification

With empty notifications, I fear the end
Because that’ll be the end
like for real, and how it’s been since last year.

I never get calls or messages, but I don’t mind
I wait for the better, to hear a few sounds
For the call from anyone

Spend a few…

Understanding the reasons behind the Feb-March 2021 Markert Crash and how to use this opportunity.

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This year has been unpredictable and only carries signs of positive hope coming from last year which caused the world to shut down as we know it. But unlike last year this year is seeing a major change in the financial sector and to reflect it we can see a shift in the stock market. Some of the major companies have been in free fall as stocks crash and reach new lows every week.

The stock market, in general, is not doing good and companies like Apple is down by 11%, Tesla is down by 25%, NIO is down by…

A Poem

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The older I grow the more I know…
As young as I am, the foolish I am,

Filled with curiosity is my mind.
Thoughts that are scary, curious, intimidating…
Haunt my dreams…
But I see how colorful the world is…

Everything seems to hold new possibilities…
Everything seems new.

Possibilities feel bright as the sun itself,
The more you learn,

The color seems brighter…
No more is it scary or intimidating…

As the color is lost…
Possibilities fade away,
Every known thing I know consumes life itself. …

A Poem

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Source: Unsplash

When you’ve been hurt by someone you love
really hurt by them.
systematically and selfishly,

Unknowingly, but ruthlessly hurt by them.
Your trust taken
And broken by a rock of lies,

How can you possibly seek penance?
How do you atone to them?
For the damage, you’ve done?

How do you fix something?
That you’ve so completely shattered,
Actively abused,
Subconsciously sabotaged!!

I know that you can’t.
You can never take back the things done.

But you can try to ease the pain.
Every lie,
Every insult,
And every doubtful glance with a sense of empathy.

Take back those words…

Understanding the sentiment behind why people feel that all their problems can be solved by becoming more wealthy.

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Source: Unsplash

“Money is a tool, an instrument that is used to meet an end to a need.” -Internet

There are articles, videos, and vlogs that also tell us the story of how rich people are not happy or feel fulfilled with what they do so they quit to start a passion project or make a living out of their hobby because they are miserable with the job that gave them the wealth.

When we see such stories, we tend to question how the “rich” remain unfulfilled or unhappy at work or life, after hoarding money and obtain so much privilege which…

Understanding the methods for finding life beyond our own solar system

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We have long fantasized about being as close to the stars as possible. That is why we climb Everest and look for ways to land on the moon. While some of us are fortunate enough to succeed, others of us begin by using telescopes both on Earth and in space.

Advanced telescopes have peered into patches of the sky for weeks, if not months, and have discovered that other stars are surrounded by their own planets as they form their own systems.

While studying these systems astronomers wonder what sort of planets are these systems made of. We have learned…

Understanding the difference between being alone and lonely

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The Luxury of being able to spend time alone is becoming rare. We live in a world where we are constantly in touch with everyone through the internet, social media, in-person, over the phone being exposed to everyone everywhere especially with the people we care about in our world.

This constant atmosphere where we are always in touch with someone is a great thing after all being connected to people is fundamentally human, as we are social creatures, but it also taxes us and makes us feel vulnerable when we don't have anyone around because if we don’t know if…

Exploring the various factors which will make the future of our transportation electric.

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There are over 1.2 billion vehicles that exist across the world today and nearly every single one of them runs in some form of gasoline or fossil fuel-based engines to power them.

We are quite familiar with gasoline and diesel-powered cars as they are an essential part of every person’s life in the developed nations and in developing nations mopeds and bikes are also an essential form of transportation. This has been the story for decades and might still continue for a few more years.

The age of electricity-based vehicles is increasing and the age of fossil fuel-powered vehicles is…

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